World Review of Political Economy

World Review of Political Economy

World Review of Political Economy (WRPE) is a quarterly, peer-reviewed title, published by Pluto Journals as official journal of the World Association for Political Economy, to produce research into Marxist political economy.

Print ISSN: 2042-891X / eISSN: 2042-8928. The journal is hosted on Science Open and can be found here to read online.

About the Journal

World Review of Political Economy (WRPE) is a quarterly, peer-reviewed title to be published by Pluto Journals in close relationship with the World Association for Political Economy (WAPE), with the first issue having been published in 2010. This groundbreaking project is the first of its kind: a pioneering collaboration between Chinese academics and a Western progressive publisher to produce a serious periodical of Marxist political economy. The WRPE is certain to be the essential forum for dialogue, cooperation, debate, and the sharing of cutting-edge research among the leading scholars in China, the English-speaking world, and beyond. 

In its critical approaches to analyzing the social and economic problems facing humankind, the WRPE reflects the outlook of its founding organization. The World Association for Political Economy, founded in 2004, is an international nongovernmental academic body established on an open, non-profit and voluntary basis by progressive economists and related groups from around the world. The WAPE secretariat is based at the Shanghai University of Finance and Economics. The present chairman is Distinguished Professor Enfu Cheng, director of the Center of Economic and Social Development, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences.

Aims & Scope

World Review of Political Economy (WRPE) is a peer-reviewed academic journal of Marxist Political Economy, which aims to promote the innovative research into Marxist economic theories and their practical applications to world economy, developed and undeveloped economies, capitalist and socialist economies and so on, and to benefit the development of the world and well-beings of its people. WRPE welcomes submissions in normative and empirical research including, but not limited to:

  1. State Capitalism, Monopoly Capitalism, Financial Capitalism, Neoliberal Capitalism, Imperialism, and Capitalist Development History;
  2. Economic Globalization, Internationalization of Capital, Global Value Chain, Underdevelopment, Unequal Exchange, Colonialism, and Capitalist System;
  3. Exploitation, Profit Squeeze, Living Wage, Income Inequality, and Relationship between Capital and Labour;
  4. Business Cycle, Capital Accumulation, Under-Consumption, Over-Investment, Financial Crisis, and Theory of Economic Crisis;
  5. Organic Composition of Capital, Technical Change, Labour Process, Digital Economy, Platform Economy, Productive Automation, and Theory of Falling Profit Rate;
  6. Productive and Unproductive Labour, Surplus Value, Value Composition of Capital, Value and Price, Value Formation and Transformation, and Labour Theory of Value;
  7. Labour-Managed Firms, Participatory Planning, Market Socialism, Eco-Socialism, Feasible Socialism, and Socialist Development History.

Journal Information

The Journal is published quarterly in March (Spring issue), June (Summer issue), September (Fall issue) and December (Winter issue). The electronic journal is archived in Portico. The Journal has been indexed in ESCI (Emerging Sources Citation Index, an edition of Web of Science) since 2015, and indexed in Scopus since June 2018.

WAPE Membership

WAPE has decided to develop itself as a membership organization in order to facilitate the exchange of knowledge, new thought and research across the divide of languages and geography, and offer its members access to certain benefits when joining WAPE including WAPE conference registration.  

Standard Membership. The benefits to be a Standard Member include:

  • Free digital copies of the organization’s peer reviewed academic journal, World Review of Political Economy (WRPE), which is published four times a year.
  • Publishing of members’ selected articles on our websites.
  • Translating selected books and articles into Chinese and publishing them in China.
  •  Invitations to attend a variety of conferences in China.
  • Scholars who are members may be invited to China on a lecture tour.
  • Members will be invited to join panels, which WAPE will organize for various international conferences held in different countries.

The membership fee for Standard Members is US$30 per year.

Council Membership. Council Members have the priority over all the benefits offered by WAPE for Standard Members. Besides, you will get both free digital copies and hard copies of the World Review of Political Economy (WRPE). Council Members are required to submit one paper to or call for one paper for WRPE, and review one paper for WRPE per year. The membership fee for Council Members is US$100 per year.

Low-income Membership. Low-income Membership is a discretionary rate of US$10 for students, retired and unemployed people, and part-time workers on reduced income

USD: United States (US) dollar ($)

Enfu Cheng (China), Professor and Member of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences

David M. Kotz (US), Professor at University of Massachusetts Amherst
Hiroshi Onishi (Japan), Professor at Keio University
Jean-Claude Delaunay (France), Honorary Professor at Universities of Lille and Paris East-Marne la Vallée

Managing Editors
Zhongbao Wang (China ), Professor at Chinese Academy of Social Sciences
Xiaoqin Ding (China), Professor at Shanghai University of Finance and Economics

Editorial Board
Josef Baum (Austria), Researcher at University of Vienna
Riccardo Bellofiore (Italy), Professor at University of Bergamo
Alexander Buzgalin (Russia), Professor at Lomonosov Moscow State University
Enfu Cheng (China), Professor and Member of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences
Jean-Claude Delaunay (France), Honorary Professor at Universities of Lille 1 and Paris East-Marne la Vallée
Radhika Desai (Canada), Professor at University of Manitoba
Heinz Dieterich (Germany), Professor at Metropolitan Autonomous University
Gérard Duménil (France), Former Research Director at French National Centre for Scientific Research
John Bellamy Foster (US), Professor at University of Oregon, Editor of Monthly Review
Hailiang Gu (China), Professor at Peking University
Hazel Dayton Gunn (US), Visiting Scholar at Cornell University, Managing Editor of Review of Radical Political Economics
Henri Houben (Belgium), Researcher at Research Group for an Alternative Economic Strategy and Institute for Marxist Studies
Leming Hu (China), Professor at Chinese Academy of Social Sciences
Makoto Itoh (Japan), Emeritus Professor at University of Tokyo, Member of the Japan Academy
David M. Kotz (US), Professor at University of Massachusetts Amherst
David Laibman (US), Professor at City University of New York, Editor of Science & Society
Jianping Li (China), Professor at Fujian Normal University
David Matters (Australia), Member of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Australia
Terrence McDonough (Ireland), Professor at National University of Ireland Galway
Hiroshi Ohnishi (Japan), Professor at Keio University
Luis Sandoval Ramírez (Mexico), Professor at National Autonomous University of Mexico
Roger Seifert (UK), Professor at Wolverhampton University
Ganesh K. Trichur (India), Visiting Assistant Professor at Bates College
Roberto Mangabeira Unger (Brazil), Professor at Harvard University, former Minister of Strategic Affairs of Brazil
Pritam Singh (India), Professor at Oxford Brookes University
Pengfei Yan (China), Professor at Wuhan University
Zhongmin Zhang (China), Professor at Shanghai University of Finance and Economics

WRPE accepts article submissions written in English that are not currently under consideration for publication by any other journal. All contributions should be submitted to WRPE via the World Review of Political Economy ScholarOne Manuscripts site.

For full submission guidelines, please see this document.

Editorial Office, or

Managing editor, Prof. Zhongbao Wang,

Publisher Pluto Journals,

The Journal is still publishing but has experienced some delays in its publication schedule and is working to release the delayed issues. 

The schedule below outlines when the issues are expected:


Expected release date

Volume 11, Issue 1, 2020

January 2021

Volume 11, Issue 2, 2020

January 2021

Volume 11, Issue 3, 2020

February 2021

Volume 11, Issue 4, 2020

February 2021

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