Our Titles

At Pluto Journals, we publish 21 journals across the social sciences and humanities. These include research in the fields of current affairs, international studies, law, political economy, disability studies, and Arab and Islamic studies.

From 2021 we are hoping to flip all our journals to Open Access in partnership with Knowledge Unlatched. In line with the Open Science movement, we are happy to provide full price transparency of the Pluto Journals portfolio.

Excellent research

We pride ourselves on producing cutting edge research that is both thought provoking and rigorously peer reviewed. 

Global Reach

Our journals are not only international in terms of subject matter, our editors come from around the world and we sell globally.

Bespoke Approach

As a small independent publisher, we are able to offer a tailored approach for editors and our publishers.

ISSN: 2410-5449

e-ISSN: 2410-5449

ISSN: 2515-2107

e-ISSN: 2573-069X

ISSN: 2545-8728

e-ISSN: 2422-6343

ISSN: 2516-5518

e-ISSN: 2516-5518

ISSN: 1756-3461

e-ISSN: 1756-347X

ISSN: 2732-4036

e-ISSN: 2732-4044

ISSN: ​2399-1326​

e-ISSN: 2398-1334

ISSN: 2325-8381

e-ISSN: 2325-839X

ISSN: 2634-1999

e-ISSN: 2634-2006

ISSN: 2513-9533

e-ISSN: 2513-9533

ISSN: 2054-2089

e-ISSN: 2397-7825

ISSN: 2515-2115

e-ISSN: 2515-2122

ISSN: 1812-7347

e-ISSN: 1812-7347

ISSN: 0810-9028

e-ISSN: 1470-1030

ISSN: 2055–5601

e-ISSN: 2055–561X

ISSN: 0954-3635

e-ISSN: 2055-5369

ISSN: 2046-6056 

e-ISSN: 2046-6064 

ISSN: 1745-641X

e-ISSN: 1745-6428

ISSN: 2042-891X

e-ISSN: 2042-8928

ISSN: 2515-2131

e-ISSN: 2515-2149

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