Journals Membership 

Membership Subscriptions

Open Access has opened a wide window of opportunity for our Journals. Open Access has allowed readers to freely read or download any article across the world.

Open Access has also provided the means for a Journal to reach out to specific interested people who share the enthusiasm for the subject of a particular journal. Fair Trade, disability, Cuban and Arabic studies are just some examples.

Some of our Journals have opted to offer a new Membership Subscription package in response to this growing interest. 

Membership Journals

Pluto Journals is launching membership packages with the following Journals:

Each of these Journals has slightly different aims expressed in their own Membership package: all though aim to build a community 

Our membership subscription Journals aim to:

  • Bring together international individuals, with an interest or involvement in social enterprise, research, activism or policy, who share a passion for the subject and wish to effect change
  • Build critical writing spanning a broad range of disciplines across the Journals field. Each Journals membership goals are to build, extend, and enrich the membership community
  • Hold online discussions and other online activities
  • Nurture and encourage members in contributing support and skills
  • Develop a membership base and foundation outside academia who have access to literature across the Journal’s field
  • Support the membership community structure as well as enable the Journal to develop new activities