Journal of Indentureship and its Legacies

The Journal of Indentureship and its Legacies is a bi-annual peer-reviewed scholarly journal published by Pluto Journals in partnership with the Ameena Gafoor Institute for the Study of Indentureship and its Legacies. 

Print ISSN: 2634-1999 / e-ISSN: 2634-2006. The journal is hosted on Science Open and can be found here to read online. 

About the Journal

The Journal of Indentureship and its Legacies is a unique and unprecedented academic space where the study of indentureship, as a distinct form of unfree labour, can be analysed in all its forms. No such Journal currently exists anywhere in the world, in spite of the critical importance of the system of indenture to world history.

Aims & Scope

Journal Information

The Journal publishes both academic essays on and creative responses (fiction or poetry) to the study of indentureship. The academic study of indentureship occurs under a number of disciplines (history, geography, language, linguistics, music and sociology), accordingly the Journal publishes pieces in this multi-disciplinary spirit.

The Journal is published twice a year, in June and December.


David Dabydeen (Emeritus, University of Warwick)

Tao Leigh Goffe (Cornell University)

Maria del Pilar Kaladeen (University of London)

Amar Wahab (York University)

Grace Aneiza Ali, New York University

Gaiutra Bahadur, Rutgers University

Eddie Bruce-Jones, Birbeck College, London University

Ajay Chhabra, Independent Researcher

Richard Fung, OCAD University

Andil Gosine, York University Toronto

Betty Govinden, alumna, University of Kwa-Zulu Natal

Moon-Ho Jung, University of Washington

Aliyah Khan, University of Michigan 

Shivanjani Lal, Independent Researcher

Brij Lal, The Australian National University

Anne-Marie Lee-Loy, Ryerson University

Paloma Martin, University of Guyana

Heidi Safia Mirza, University of London 

Nalini Mohabir, Concordia University

Patricia Mohammed, University of the West Indies

Satendra Nandan, University of Canberra

Rajrani Gobin, Mahatma Gandhi Institute

Ken Ramchand, University of the West Indies

Tina Ramnarine, Royal Holloway College, London University

Brinsley Samaroo, University of the West Indies

Nur Sobers-Khan, British Library

Janet Steel, Commonwealth International

Stephanos Stephanides, University of Cyprus

Alissa Trotz, University of Toronto

Mark Tumbridge, University of Guyana

Athol Williams University of Cape Town

Journal’s Editor, Dr. Maria del Pilar Kaladeen,

Publisher Pluto Journals,  

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