IDSJ Community Membership Organisation other

$135.00 / year

By becoming a member of the International Disability and Social Justice Community, you will help to:

  • Make research on disability and social justice (published in the International Journal of Disability and Social Justice) freely available and accessible;
  • Bring researchers on disability and social justice into closer conversation with research users and;
  • Make research work better to enhance social justice for disabled people.

By becoming a member, we will also give you:

  • Access to the various mentorship and peer support structures within the Community;
  • Access to the Community’s online annual lecture and other events, including those which are for members only;
  • The chance to contribute actively to Community events and support to develop your own research interest subgroup and peer support networks;
  • The chance to bid for Community funding to support an event you are hosting;
  • A significant discount on selected Pluto Press books.