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ASQ 43.4

Arab Studies Quarterly – Volume 43, Number 4  This Fall 2021 issue contains four articles and includes book reviews, Books-In-Brief and a list of Books Received. See below for more details of each article in the issue and links to each. Click here for Open Science to read these articles and other from previous ASQ editions.   Mohamed Salah-Eddine Madiou’s article …

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ASQ Issue 43.3

Seda Demiralp’s “1001 Nights with Animus,” examines how the frame of 1001 Nights “contributes to a feminist reading of the story.” The author explores the characters in the story as elements representing “the female psyche.” Utilizing a Jungian approach, Demiralp critiques previous interpretations of 1001 Nights and advances a feminist reading through the window of ninth-century Abbasid society. Marwa Alkhayat looks at “Sabry Musa’s Lord …

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