The Journal of Fair Trade

New in 2019: The Journal of Fair Trade

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The Journal of Fair Trade is a new international journal launched by the Fair Trade Society to reclaim the best practices and values that contribute to mutuality and fairness in trade. The Journal aims to be a source of the leading research on Fair Trade. The Fair Trade Society website provides a forum and funnel for new work, ideas and debate.

The Journal is a biannual, peer-reviewed title published by Pluto Journals, with the first issue due to appear in February of 2019. The Journal is run by the Fair Trade Society (a membership organisation supported by the Pluto Educational Trust).

The Journal provides a much-needed independent space in which to discuss the ever-changing practical and theoretical approaches to making the world a more just place through business and trade. The term ‘Fair Trade’ includes certification systems and all efforts to ensure trade is fair for all. Unafraid to be outspoken, the goal of the Journal is to catalyse significant improvements in the way all types of trade deliver social and environmental justice.

The Journal and the Fair Trade Society publish independent academic work, briefings and articles. They promote new voices and experiences from cooperatives, producer organisations and practitioners, as well as Fair Trade businesses and corporations striving to be responsible global citizens. The founders of this Journal want to encompass the full range of interests and voices that need to be heard on these issues. For information on how to submit to the Journal, please click here.

The Journal of Fair Trade is an invaluable resource for businesses, charities and academics committed to securing sustainability and fairness in supply chains throughout the world.

For more details please contact the Journal’s Editor-in-Chief, Pauline Tiffen, at

Please direct any editorial enquiries to the Journal Manager, Sally Jennings, at

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