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Pluto Journals

Pluto Journals was launched in 2009, as an independent, scholarly, and international journal publisher in the field of Social Sciences. Our journals include the fields of politics, current affairs, international studies, law, political economy, work, and Arab and Islamic studies.

Pluto Journals will be seven years old in 2017. We have made substantial progress in terms of the number of new journals we handle, institutional sales to libraries worldwide, and to the depth of our association with various businesses that add and improve our visibility and accessibility. We began a long-term partnership with JSTOR in 2014 and this association has proved mutually beneficial.

Pluto Journals remains an international bespoke company that prides itself on being able to offer individual services to each of our publishers. PJ is international in terms of subject matter, our editors come from the four corners of the world, and we sell globally. Our individual service is in terms of being able to respond to the individual needs of our journals and their editors, plus, we offer a full production and marketing service.

While we are a small publisher compared to the rest, we wish to offer a more direct, supportive, and efficient relationship with our editors, readers, and aggregators.

We have come of age. We are attempting to create a new journal from scratch—The Journal of Fair Trade. Fair Trade is now a world wide movement with around 30 years experience. There are Fair Traders across the globe in businesses, as co-operatives, and in Universities. Our new FTJ will be the centre of a Membership alongside an active website. Wish us well, this new enterprise is a worthy endeavour, and illustrates our growing confidence.

Get in touch if you are interested in joining us.

For information about Permissions to re-use Copyrighted work please contact  http://www.plsclear.com

Pluto Journals works in collaboration with learned societies and international institutes and currently publishes eight peer-reviewed titles:

  •  Arab Studies Quarterly - ASQ   
  • International Journal of Cuban Studies - IJCS
  • World Review of Political Economy - WRPE  
  • State Crime Journal - SCJ
  • Policy Perspectives PP
  • Socialist Lawyer SL
  • ReOrient ReO
  • Work Organisation, Labour & Globalisation WOLG

Subscription Links via JSTOR

Arab Studies Quarterly

International Journal of Cuban Studies

Policy Perspectives


Socialist Lawyer

State Crime Journal

Work Organisation, Labour & Globalisation

World Review of Political Economy


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