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Pluto Journals is now  part of the Current Scholarship Programme at JSTOR.  This will allow easy access to the journals content and allow sales of individual articles.  Institutions and online subscriptions will need to go through JSTOR.  Your current subscription agency can do this.   Individuals wanting print only can subscribe through this site.  For more information please go to the subscriptions page.

Pluto Journals

Pluto Journals was launched in 2009 and is committed to promote critical thinking and provide a forum for emerging currents of thought on the issues facing our society in this age of globalisation and multiculturalism.

As a growing independent publisher Pluto Journals is able to offer the “radical” academic journals community a unique position in the realm of scholarly publishing in the English language.

We publish high-quality academic journals in the field of politics, current affairs, international studies, political economy, Arab and Islamic studies and want to offer our broad base of readers worldwide the most original contributions to academic research in those areas, in the attempt to raise political awareness and deepen the knowledge and understanding of other cultures.

The qualities that make Pluto Journals stand out from other publishers are as a radical academic Editor you would be dealing with politically sympathetic, professional individuals who would understand the underlying purpose of the journal in question.  We work closely with all our Editors to develop their journals to the highest potential.

Since the 1990s, the field of scientific and scholarly publishing experienced a transformational decisive shift from print to on line delivery.  The globalised scientific Journal publishers who invested heavily in this new technology drove this movement to online platforms; librarians and research libraries were in full support.  As a consequence there are now many digital platforms available.

Pluto Journals works with many international aggregators, which enables accessibility to libraries and scholars worldwide.  Full content is available on many of these digital platforms.  This gives the widest visibility of the journal to the potential reader.

Primarily, our journals content is distributed by JSTOR, a not for profit digital platform.  By being a part of JSTOR Pluto Journals is able to offer current and archive content of all our journals to the institutional subscriber anywhere in the world.

For the non-subscriber, individual articles can be purchased and downloaded.

All Pluto Journals and articles have cross-referencing software embedded in them to allow scholars to find articles in Pluto Journals easily and smoothly.

Pluto Journals continue to develop new strategies and opportunities to increase our journals sales and awareness within the academic community.  We are keen to attract new journals to join our distinctive Publishing House.

We offer two packages:  For the established Journal publisher who has until now been selling only hard copy Journals,  we offer a Distribution service into Digital publishing.

For many others we offer a full Publishing service

Get in touch if you are interested in joining us.

Pluto Journals works in collaboration with learned societies and international institutes and currently publishes four peer-reviewed titles:

  •  Arab Studies Quarterly - ASQ   Issue 36.3 release date August 2014
  • International Journal of Cuban Studies - IJCS
  • World Review of Political Economy - WRPE  
  • State Crime Journal - SCJ

Pluto Journals is pleased to announce the addition of  4 new journals available in 2015

  • Policy Perspectives PP
  • Socialist Lawyer SL
  • ReOrient
  • Work Organisation, Labour & Globalisation


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