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About Us

Pluto Journals was launched in 2009, as an independent, scholarly, and international journal publisher in the field of Social Sciences. Our journals include the fields of politics, current affairs, international studies, law, political economy, work, and Arab and Islamic studies.

Pluto Journals remains an international bespoke company that prides itself on being able to offer individual services to each of our publishers. PJ is international in terms of subject matter, our editors come from the four corners of the world, and we sell globally. Our individual service is in terms of being able to respond to the individual needs of our journals and their editors, plus, we offer a full production and marketing service.

While we are a small publisher compared to the rest, we wish to offer a more direct, supportive, and efficient relationship with our editors, readers, and aggregators.

We have seven new journals that will be published in 2018:

The Institute of Employment Rights Journal

The IERJ serves the trade union movement in the UK and Commonwealth. It deals with labour law, with most of the authors being labour barristers discussing British and European law.

The Journal of Intersectionality

Intersectionality is an intellectual expression of the cultural wars that have risen out of the USA’s civil rights movement on campuses across the nation. The journal will give expression to the complex of categories in class, gender, and nationality that have been the outcome of this movement over the last 30 years.

Zanj: The Journal of Critical Global South Studies

Combines all the best critical, socially and politically engaged, historically grounded theoretical perspectives working toward social justice and social transformation, such as critical race theory, transnational or third-wave feminism, coloniality, subaltern studies, pan-Africanism, queer theory, disability studies, critical ethnic studies, indigenous/First Nations, non-aligned, anti-neo-colonial, and other critical interdisciplinary perspectives

The International Journal of Critical Diversity Studies

The IJCD addresses the key problematic of the construction of difference within intersecting, asymmetrical power relations. It brings together an integrated critique of hierarchical relations of privilege, domination and oppression on all axes of difference, with a particular focus on the normative orders of coloniality/modernity.

Groundings Journal The Journal of the Walter Rodney Foundation

The Walter Rodney Foundation seeks to improve lives and build capacity through scholarship and programs, which promote education, health and human development from a social justice perspective. To promote the legacy of Walter Rodney by establishing awareness of his contributions to advance social justice and activism worldwide, through advancement of Walter Rodney’s contributions to the praxis of scholarship, political activism, and social change; and to recognize persons and entities who embrace these same values in their work

Bethlehem University Journal

The BUJ is the journal for entire University of Bethlehem. They publish original articles on a variety of topics from different disciplines in both Arabic and English. BUJ encourages interdisciplinary research and research methodologies that integrate contributions from multiple disciplines.

The Journal of Fair Trade

The Journal of Fair Trade is a new international journal launched by the Fair Trade Society to reclaim the best practices and values that contribute to mutuality and fairness in trade. The Journal aims to be a source of the leading research on Fair Trade. The Fair Trade Society website provides a forum and funnel for new work, ideas and debate.

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