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The Work Organisation, Labour & Globalisation Collection Table of Contents are available here on ScienceOpen.

Work Organisation, Labour & Globalisation Latest Issues Issue 16.1 contents

This issue departs from our usual focus on the content of research to turn the spotlight onto research methods. It looks in particular at the methodological and ethical challenges presented by the growth of precarious, virtual and clandestine labour, which raise problematic new challenges for researchers in a digital global economy.

This issue is introduced with Researching precarious, virtual and clandestine labour: Methodological and ethical challenges by Ron Iphofen, Ursula Huws and Neil. H. Spencer

Gendering platform research: Theoretical and methodological considerations by Eleni Kampouri

Assessing bias in online surveys using alternative survey modes by Neil H. Spencer, Dag S. Syrdal, Matthew Coates and Ursula Huws

Beyond ‘platformisation’: Designing a mixed-methods approach to inspect (digital) working conditions through organisational systems by Maxime Cornet, Clément Le Ludec, Elinor Wahal and Mandie Joulin

Is anonymity dead? Doing critical research on digital labour platforms through platform interfaces by Funda Ustek Spilda, Kelle Howson, Hannah Johnston, Alessio Bertolini, Patrick Feuerstein, Louise Bezuidenhout, Oğuz Alyanak and Mark Graham

(Shared) ethnicity in ethnographic research on clandestine and informal practices in the migrant and ethnic minority economy: Methodological and ethical challenges by Jing Hiah

‘Alongside but not in front’: Reflections on engagement, disengagement and ethics in action research with workers by Todd Wolfson, Ursula Huws, James Farrar and Yaseen Aslam

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