July 2022 – Pluto Journals news

July 2022
Welcome to the monthly Pluto Journals newsletter! As you have been involved with Pluto Journals as an Editor, Author, Advisor or supporter and we thought you might like to know more about what we are doing. We publish 21 world class journals that are at the cutting edge of social science research today. They are all completely Open Access which means they are free to read!

In this newsletter we want to share with you some of the latest highlights and best practice to cultivate your curiosity and inspire collaboration as we know that Pluto Journals can be so much more than the sum of its parts and be more effective at creating change we all want to see. Over the year we intend to mention all of our journals and if you have an issue or an event you would like us to highlight let us know. Please email us here

We are delighted to say that in first six months of 2022 usage across all our 21 journals continues to grow. Most of our Journals have published an issue on the ScienceOpen platform, and with the support of Julie at River Editorial and the team at ScienceOpen, everyone is using metadata more effectively. To view our ScienceOpen Super Collection, please click here. We are also pleased that JSTOR continues to host all Pluto Journals.

#Disability #Justice #Freedom International The Journal of Disability and Social Justice
Our newest Journal, the International Journal of Disability and Social Justice (IJDSJ) has just published its second issue, IJDSJ Volume 2, Issue 1, with articles on independent living, performing arts practice and the fact that disabilities studies in the global north has failed to recognise colonialism. It is an ambitious new interdisciplinary journal out of Leeds University, it is accessible, with HTML of the articles including alt text on illustrations and a plain English digest. 
Gig Economy Research webinar from the Work Organisation, Labour & Globalisation journal
Our fastest growing journal Work Organisation, Labour and Globalisation held its first webinar with the support of  the Pluto Journals team. The subject from the latest issue, WOLG Volume 16, Issue 1, was the Gig Economy Research which was particularly timely given the breaking story on UBER. The session was attended by 60 people and included researchers and platform workers. The webinar is part of WOLG's move to develop a membership base. You can watch the webinar on YouTube here. 
the Journal of Indentureship and It’s Legacies
The latest issue of the Journal of Indentureship and its Legacies, Volume 2, Issue 1, is edited by Amar Wahab and is dedicated to the critical investigation of Indian indentureship from the perspective of critical sexual studies and queer studies. It includes outstanding cover art by Renluka Maharaj. The journal is a great example of the impressive range of disciplines that Pluto Journals embraces, which are not only international in terms of subject matter, but in terms of readership. Click here to read more from the Journal of Indentureship and its Legacies.
We have also been supporting a number of our journals with social media posts so that they can reach out to new audiences and continue to increase usage and grow membership. Graphics including quotes from authors seem to work well. Do let us know if you need our support to create digital collateral.
Pluto Journals has been supporting a number of their journals with graphics work for Social Media posts.
Pluto Journals has been supporting a number of their journals with graphics work for Social Media posts.
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