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Membership Subscriptions

If you have an interest in Fair Trade, Disability and Social Justice, Political Economy, Cuban and Arabic studies you’ll be pleased to hear these Journals have decided to launch their own very special Membership Subscriptions. People with a shared enthusiasm for the subject can now read all articles without charge. Since all Pluto Journals titles switched to Open Access in January 2021 this means individuals can freely read or download any PJ article across the world. This has given our Journals new opportunities to reach a much wider public.

Each of the following 5 Pluto Journals titles are offering membership subscription to the public wishing to join, participate and support the future of the journal and its associated Society/ Community while gaining membership benefits. At your own discretion, you can choose between the categories which include individual and student/ lower-income membership as well as institutional subscription each of which offer membership benefits of being part of the Journal’s membership Community along with having access to its linked online events and promotions.

If you are a library who is interested in supporting our journals please see our Open Access S2O page specifically for University Libraries here

Membership Journals

Pluto Journals is launching membership subscriptions with the following Journals:

Each of these Journals has slightly different aims expressed in their own Membership package: all though aim to build a community 

Our membership subscription Journals aim to:

  • Bring together international individuals, with an interest or involvement in social enterprise, research, activism or policy, who share a passion for the subject and wish to effect change
  • Build critical writing spanning a broad range of disciplines across the Journals field. Each Journals membership goals are to build, extend, and enrich the membership community
  • Hold online discussions and other online activities
  • Nurture and encourage members in contributing support and skills
  • Develop a membership base and foundation inside and outside academia
  • Support the membership community structure as well as enable the Journal to develop new activities
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