August 2022 – Carnival, Migration and the Global impact of Covid

August 2022
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This month we want to share with you some of the latest highlights and best practice to cultivate your curiosity and inspire collaboration in these difficult days.  Over the year we intend to mention all of our journals and if you have an issue or an event you would like us to highlight let us know. Please email us here
 Zanj: The Journal of Critical Global South Studies Volume 5, Issue1/2, the latest issue, is a special double issue which draws on the work of migration scholars, artists and activists from across the Global South collaborating through the South-South Migration for Development and Equality (MIDEQ) Hub.  It explores the intersections, contestations and possibilities associated with migration in the Global South.  A number of the articles look at the impact of COVID-19 on returning Nepali migrants and their families.
Journal of Fair Trade Volume 3, Issue1 considers the Challenges of COVID-19 for Fair Trade enterprises in achieving SDG 1 “No Poverty” reviewing the impact through interviews with members of World Fair Trade Organisation in 6 countries in Asia.  The pandemic has created challenges not only to the economic aspect but also to the health, education, safety and security of the communities. Stronger collaboration among the stakeholders is needed if the SDGs are going to be achieved by the 2030 deadline.
Journal of Global Faultlines Volume 9, Issue1 takes on the subject of Vaccine Nationalism particularly from an EU perspective and also includes “A historical narrative on pandemic Patterns of behaviour and beliefs”.  This narrative reflects the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic affecting the world, with specific focus on India, and provides a novel perspective to understand public health practices in a global context.
With Notting hill Carnival returning to the streets of London at the end of August, it seems like a good opportunity to revisit a special issue of the Journal of Intersectionality Volume 3, Issue 1 on Claudia Jones: Foremother of World Revolution, edited by Chariss Burden- Stelly. Claudia  Jones  was  a  quintessential  theorist  of   world  revolution, she  connected  the  “local  struggles  of   Black  people  and  women against racism and sexist oppression to international struggles against colonialism and imperialism”.  She was also one of the founders of the Carnival which was originally dubbed Claudia’s Caribbean Carnival and was held in St Pancras Town Hall in 1959.
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