Zanj: The Journal of Critical Global South Studies orients itself towards an oppositional intellectual stance that reflects voices too often excluded. The Journal seeks to center positionalities and politics that make a new world in the imagine of the subaltern, the excluded, the Others that are conjured by concepts of the Global South in the current Western order of knowledge, its hegemonic political economies and successive empires.

Zanj is a transfiguration, an articulation and reiteration of all things non-Western, all things beyond and resistant to, separate from but usually entangled within the West and its (version of) modernity. A space for South voices, South knowledge and methods, interventions, histories, reclamations, perspectives, scholarship. The Journal seeks to provide a uniquely engaged scholarly space for Global South perspectives that otherwise might not make it into the academic industrial complex.

Print ISSN: 2515-2130 / e-ISSN: 2515-2149

For more details please contact the Journal’s Editor, Jesse Benjamin, at jbenjam2@kennesaw.edu

The journal welcomes submissions from those who wish to contribute to the discussion in critical Global South studies, particularly those with perspectives and experiences that have been marginalised by traditional Western academia. All submissions will be reviewed in-line with the journals peer review policy.

If you have any questions about submissions please see the contact details above.

Jesse Benjamin

Managing Editor
Aajay Murphy

Production Editor
Cyrel San Gabriel

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