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Hello, everyone!

We thought that both existing editors and the general public might find a neat summary of our activities so we’ve decided to put up a separate section on our website.

Social Media

Alessandra Pineda, who’s currently taking her MA in Digital Publishing at Oxford Brookes University, took over as a part-time journals assistant with PJ in January. She has established a new Facebook page for PJ. Hope you could follow our activities here.

Aggregators & Abstracts

We want to make sure we’re affiliated across as many digital platforms as possible. Visibility, in times of excess content, is achieved by supporting diverse national and global platforms—and social science specific abstracts that will host our journals  in different ways. At this moment, we are in the process of registering with Scopus and adding more of our Journals to Thompson Reuters web of science.

The London Book Fair

The LBF has just finished. We always make it a point to meet the people at JSTOR, which is at the centre of our global activities. Face-to-face meetings, I find, always help sort out any problems and issues.

We’re also glad to report that we’ve been studying how to incorporate a solid Content Management System in our workflow. A good CMS helps everyone in the chain—from authors, editors, publishers, and typesetters, to know clearly where everything is in a given issue. Swales and Willis, our typesetters, have been developing a package for our journals. We’re currently testing it out, and  asking for feedback from our editors; will this particular CMS, make our work efficient?

Open Access

The movement towards Open Access—or free access to journal content—is relatively new. The movement has been successful, mainly in the natural sciences, where many funders are willing to add a small percentage to a research budget to allow research available on ‘open access’. The social sciences are different, as many, perhaps most articles, are written by scholars on their initiative. Thus, despite the obvious ethical benefits, Open Access remains a threat to small publishers of social sciences journals. Our view is to work with the movement, with care!

New journals for 2018/2019

We’re working with a couple of journal editors, namely, The Fair Trade Journal and Groundings: The Journal of the Walter Rodney Foundation. Nothing is certain until contracts are signed. Please follow our website or Facebook page for more updates.

Just to give you a brief introduction: The Fair Trade Journal is the baby of The Fair Trade Initiative, a new body which will attempt to look to the future of this movement—and bring together a variety writings from universities and activists from the South and the North.

Groundings:  The Journal of the Walter Rodney Foundation (WRF). I met Walter Rodney in Dar es Salaam in the 1970s. He was a visionary scholar, assassinated in 1980 in Guyana while standing for Parliament. The WRF intends to publish all his works and develop the foundation within the North American Afro American community

Please follow our Facebook page for updates!


Roger van Zwanenberg
Pluto Journals Publisher





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