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Pluto Journals is pleased to announce the addition of Socialist Lawyer in 2015

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About Socialist Lawyer

Socialist Lawyer is the magazine of the Haldane Society of Socialist Lawyers. Socialist Lawyer is published three to four times a year.

The Haldane Society was founded in 1930.  It provides a forum for the discussion and analysis of law and the legal system, both nationally and internationally, from a socialist perspective.  It holds frequent public meetings and conducts educational programmes.  The Haldane Society is independent of any political party.  Membership comprises lawyers, academics, students and legal workers as well as trade union and labour movement affiliates.

For more information about the Haldane Society click here Haldane

Socialist Lawyer Magazine:

Editor: Nick Bano

Nick Bano: socialistlawyer@haldane.org

Other contributors:
Liz Davies, Russell Fraser, Declan Owens, Mike Goold and Brian Richardson

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