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State Crime Journal is administered by the International State Crime Initiative (ISCI).  ISCI is a multi-disciplinary, cross-institutional and international initiative designed to collate, analyse and disseminate research based knowledge about criminal state practices and resistance to them. Launched in 2010 with an inaugural lecture by The Independent’s Robert Fisk, ISCI actively develops and administers diverse spaces which enable state crime researchers to engage in meaningful dialogue with civil society in order to both understand and prevent illicit state practices. ISCI is institutionally supported by Queen Mary University of London and partnered with Harvard University, the University of Hull and the University of Ulster. Further information on ISCI and its members can be found at the initiative’s website: http://www.law.qmul.ac.uk/research/centres/isci/index.html

Aims and Scope

State Crime is the first peer-reviewed, international journal that seeks to disseminate leading research on the illicit practices of states. The concept of state crime is not confined to legally recognised states but can include any authority that exerts political and military control over a substantial territory (e.g the FARC). The journal’s focus is a reflection of the growing awareness within criminology that state criminality is endemic and acts as a significant barrier to security and development. Contributions from a variety of disciplinary and theoretical perspectives are welcomed. Topics covered by the journal include, torture; genocide and other forms of government and politically organised mass killing; war crimes; state-corporate crime; state-organised crime; natural disasters exacerbated by government (in)action; asylum and refugee policy and practice; state terror; political and economic corruption; and resistance to state violence and corruption.

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