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Islamophobia Dark History II (1)

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Islamophobia Studies Journal

Demonizing Muslims

The 2010, U.S. midterm election witnessed the deployment of Islamophobia on the campaign and the attempt to influence the elections outcome by demonizing and targeting Muslims. My response to the campaign was the Islamophobia Studies Journal; a peer reviewed academic publication that intended to examine the Islamophobia phenomena through research, documentation and sustained engagement in the subject matter.

I began the Journal of Islamophobia in 2012, and published the first issues on line on our University web site. I decided about a year ago that I needed to professionalize the Journal in order to give myself more time to develop the Editorial content of the Journal, and to allow myself time for my day time job as a Professor. In collaboration with friends and colleagues we have chosen Pluto Journals a small bespoke international Journal Publisher to handle our production and outreach; and to use JSTOR as our international platform for subscribers. We are now asking our friends and Libraries to take out subscriptions for the coming year 2017, please email: participation@jstor.org

I firmly believe that the time has come to bring the Islamophobia Studies Journal into a professional academic publishing house so as to reach a broader global audience. More importantly, a professional publishing house with years of experience, like Pluto Journals, which will help facilitate a smoother submission and review, more robust production process and provide a centralized location for journal archives.

The Journal of Islamophobia, we think, is the Journal of its time. Hatred of Jews swept the Western worlds in the 1930s and 40s. Now we think there is a danger for all peoples with Islamic origins living in Europe, U.S. and other parts of world. We aim to produce and publish the most up to date research on Islamophobia, encourage senior and young scholars as well as community based organizations to develop well thought out reasonable arguments to support efforts intended to challenge racism in all its forms and manifestations. ISJ seek to help the impacted communities understand the origins of this new hatred in intersectionality and connectedness to earlier historical periods and contemporary scapegoating of immigrants and racial minorities in the global North. The ISJ is intended as an anchor for the emerging field of Islamophobia Studies and Pluto Journals is the academic publishing partner in the long journey toward a racism free society and education.

Dr. Hatem Bazian

Lecturer, Near Eastern Studies and Asian American Studies, University of California, Berkeley

Professor of Islamic Law and Theology, Zaytuna College

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