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Digital Books for Libraries and Pluto Journals

Pluto Journals is moving into Digital Books for Libraries

Pluto Journals has to date provided services to publish scholarly Journals designed primarily for Libraries, across the world. Our major Platform is JSTOR.   Jstor provides services for around to 9000 scholarly libraries across the globe and has recently moved into the sale of digital scholarly books.  Pluto Journals has decided to join JSTOR in the provision of digital books.


Single and Multi user Licences

Making Books available for multiple readers

The difference between a single user digital license sold as an eBook to an individual, and a multi user license sold to a Library, is that the library can make the book available online to any their members, simultaneously.  The Library is willing to pay a premium for such a book.  In pre-digital days, book publishers sold hard books mainly to Libraries.  From the Libraries point of view, digital books, take up minimum space, and the book can be made available to multiple users.

Pluto Journals speciality

Pluto Journals unlike the traditional publishers is not looking for books from authors, as our model of sales, cannot provide either sales to bookstores, or direct to readers. For the moment we have restricted ourselves to sales through platform intermediaries like JSTOR. This policy inevitably is restrictive.  But such a policy could be of interest to the following organisations:

  1.  Book Publishers who for whatever reason don’t have a conscious Library Policy.  Pluto Journals can create such policy for you at minimal costs to yourselves.
  2.  Journal Publishers who might want to create a multi authored book once a year.
  3.  Professional organisations that might wish to publish the proceedings of their annual conference
  4.  One off Publishers, who are involved in other things.  We can help and advise you, as we have loads of publishing experience.

Our Two Models

Pluto Journals has two models to offer customers:

  1. A Distribution model; where you organise the pre-press, i.e the typesetting, copy editing, design and send us the finished digital book.
  2. A Publishing model; you send us the finished manuscript and we arrange and pay for the typesetting and copyediting plus any design.

In the first case(a), we pay you quarterly 50% of the money we receive, and in the second case (b), we pay you royalties.

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