Decolonial Horizons/Horizontes Decoloniales is an intellectual hub for the exploration of scholarship between global politics and religious discourses. It confronts years of systemic scholarly racism by privileging frameworks generated in the networks of the Global South. This publication welcomes the contributions of authors working in a broad disciplinary spectrum—including but not limited to history, anthropology, philosophy, sociology, political science, cultural studies, critique of political economy, religious studies, and literature. Decolonial Horizons currently accepts previously unpublished articles in Spanish, English, and Portuguese.

Print ISSN: 2545-8728 / e-ISSN: 2422-6343

For enquiries about submissions to the journal and other editorial questions, please contact the editor Santiango Slabodsky at santiago.slabodsky@gmail.com

The Journal welcomes submissions from those wanting to contribute to the research and debate on global politics and religious discourses. For further details on submissions to the Journal, please contact the Editor on the above contact details. 

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