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Pluto Educational Trust

How to apply

If you have a project which potentially fits the above criteria, please download the application form and submit a proposal.

If you would like to present a preliminary note prior to completing a formal application, please download and complete the expression of interest form.

Both a full application and an expression of interest must be accompanied by a budget which shows the amount of funds requested and how they will be applied.

Application Process



Application Forms

PDF forms: These forms can be filled in electronically. Save a copy to your computer, fill it in and email it back to us.

Download :
Download Expression of interest form

Download :
Download Full application form

    Template budget (available on request)


Next Steps

Once your proposal is approved, a partnership agreement will be drawn up.

PET will open a dedicated Bank account for you, and one PET Trustee will appointed to be your direct counterpart at PET.

Depending on the partnership agreement a small amount of start-up money will be placed in your account.

The Trustee counterpart for your project has two roles:

  • To help and support you set-up and advance your project.
  • Monitor your progress and to make sure you keep within the agreed remit and operate within UK charitable law.


Partnership Agreements

By being a PET Project you benefit from the privileges that a charitable association provides.

There will therefore be a number of conditions in the grant contract including:

  • Attribution and IP: We will ask all PET Projects to associate their projects with PET. Depending on the scope of the project this might include a reference on your headed notepaper, a co-logo/signature on all emails sent out in the name of your project, and an agreed reference phrase on all public presentations and expressions of your Project. Your partnership agreement will define the IP Management requirements of your project.
  • Fundraising: A close association with PET will bring the benefit of raising money from charitable sources. These funds will be monitored per best practice guidelines for UK charities and will be subject to taxation under UK charitable law. Your partnership agreement will define administrative and financial reporting requirements for your project.
  • Scholarly standards: We need to emphasise that although PET Projects are likely to be innovative and cutting edge, or test the limits of existing scholarly thinking and practice on social policy and social justice, in all PET Projects scholarly method and intellectual honesty must be of the essence. Your partnership agreement will set out the principles and commitments you make in this regard.


Our concept of PET has always been much more than a small fund provider, important though this is. Our idea is that PET will be an Umbrella Charity, that both funds and provides the structure for Organizations to raise further funds, under the auspices of PET. The rationale is that most organizations don't wish to become Charities in their own right, especially organizations originating outside the UK, but also for UK based organizations. By using an established and registered Charity, and then opening a Bank account with PETs Charity Bank, appropriate organizations can use the PET Charitable status and the tax exempt laws for their own benefit. The Bank Account and the PET association then provides them with a base through which they can approach other Charities to raise further funds.

If you wish to use our facilities to go down this route, let us know in the application form, and so long as the application is accepted and we enter into a contract, we will guide you, so your emails reflect the arrangement and comply with UK Charitable law.

This approach then allows PET to charge fees from further funds, which helps to refund our coffers.

We will also appoint one of the trustees, me in this case, to keep an eye on your project, and we will need an Annual report for the Charity Commission at the end of each year.

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