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Pluto Educational Trust


Roger van Zwanenberg, Founder of the Pluto Educational Trust (PET), is now joined by Pauline Tiffen as Founding Trustee.

Over the last 30 years Roger has been Publisher and Head of two independent publishing companies: Zed Books (1976–86) and Pluto Press (1987–present).

Pauline has been involved in social enterprises and charitable organisations over 30 years is closely associated with Divine Chocolate, The Friends of the Moscow School for Social and Economic Sciences.

Pluto Journals has in 2015 become a Not for Profit business, owned by the Pluto Educational Trust, a Charity registered with Charity Commission in London. We think this new set up is appropriate for our long-term aims, and will help us to raise money for the business. At the same time this arrangement will send the right message to every one concerned


PET's aim is the advancement of education.

PET will promote, sustain and increase individual and collective knowledge and understanding.

All PET Projects will be for the public benefit.

PET Projects will provide identifiable benefit(s) to a section of the public by:

  • Generating and making publically accessible new knowledge.
  • Organising and making publically accessible existing (but previously unorganised and/or inaccessible) knowledge.

In each case, such knowledge will be made publically accessible through appropriate mediums including but not limited to public and/or academic libraries and online databases.

Aims and Overall Criteria

PET believes that most books require many years of research before they can be considered scholarly works. It also believes that some scholars often find it difficult to develop innovative work and work that promotes new thinking on important issues affecting society and social change, by simply working through the limited range of established institutions which support such endeavours.

PET therefore aims to provide a new avenue for scholars from around the world to focus their efforts in the social sciences within a sympathetic framework.

PET is an umbrella charitable foundation, whose purpose is to encourage and support social science projects from researchers, both inside and outside academic institutions, which aim to contribute to the publication and dissemination of new thinking that can help address poverty, unmet social need and human rights.

What we will fund

Each project which PET approves will:

  • Be led by one or more scholars.
  • Have a clearly stated purpose, or object.
  • Take place during stated time period.
  • Lead to some sort of publication.
  • Directly contribute to the public good.

What we will not fund

PET will not provide funds for projects which:

  • Do not meet PET’s objectives or serve the public good.
  • Do not have an appropriately qualified or experienced Project Leader or Project Manager.
  • Do not result in a new publication, or the reissue or updating of an existing publication.
  • Cannot demonstrate an innovative contribution to existing knowledge.

General Information

The Pluto Educational trust is registered with the British Charity Commission with a Registered Number: 1136616.

The PET is also register with Companies House as a Company Limited by Guarantee Company Number: 07157868.

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